Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

2002 Falcon 2000

Serial Number: 176 | Registration: N313AV

Total Time: 3,537.4 Hours | Total Landings: 2,535

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Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details


TOTAL TIME:                         3,537.4 Hours

TOTAL LANDINGS:               2.535 Landings

Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP)



General Electric Engines - Model: CFE738 - 1 - 1B

Engines on Honeywell CSP Maintenance Program


Left Engine S/N: P - 105489                                                         

Time Since New:                 3,192.9 Hours                                     

Engine Cycles:                    2,294 Cycles                                         

Time Before Overhaul:      5,000 Hours                                         


Right Engine S/N: P - 105488

Time Since New:                 3,483.9 Hours

Engine Cycles:                    2,508 Cycles

Time Before Overhaul:      5,000 Hours



APU Model:             Honeywell 36 - 150 F2M

Serial Number:        P - 293

Total Time:             3,169 Hours

APU on Honeywell MSP Maintenance Plan



Honeywell CSP Engine Program

Honeywell MSP Maintenance Plan on APU

HAPP (Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan)

Rockwell Collins Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP)

CAMP Maintenance Tracking

ATG - 4000 GOGO Air Wifi

Increased Gross Weight Modification F2000 SB - 186



High Frequency: Dual Collins FH - 9000

Communication Radios: Dual Collins VHF - 422C w/ 8.33 Spacing

Dual Honeywell LASERREF III

FMS: Dual Collins FMS - 6100

GPS: Dual Collins GPS - 4000S

Navigation Radios: Dual Collins VIR - 432

ADF: Dual Collins ADF - 462

DME: Dual Collins DME - 4442


Transponder: Dual Collins TDT - 94D


CVR: Honeywell AR - 30

FDR: Honeywell AR - 256

SATCOM: Aircell ST - 310




Airshow 4000

2 (two) 19" Widescreen Monitors

LED Lights


F2000 SB - 358R3 (Dry Bay Mod)

F2000 SB - 314 EGPWS "Steep Approach"



Max Weight (Ramp):           36,000 lbs.

Max Take Off Weight:          35,800 lbs.

Max Landing Weight:           33,000 lbs.

Zero Fuel Weight:               28,660 lbs.

Basic Operating Weight:      22,700 lbs.



Repainted in 2014 by West Star Aviation in East Alton, Illinois

Matterhorn White and Light Gray Fuselage with Gloss Black and Red Accent Stripes



Refurbished Interior in 2014 by West Star Aviation in East Alton, Illinois

10 - Passenger Executive Configuration

Brown Leather Seating

Forward 4 - Place Club

Mid - Cabin 4 - Place Conference Group Opposite 2 - Place Divan

Forward Galley

Aft Lavatory



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