Aircraft Details


Dallas Jet International

1990 Hawker 800A

Serial Number: 258154 | Registration: N950DP

Total Time as of 9/28/2017: 12,252 Hours | Total Landings as of 9/28/2017: 8,087 Landings



Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details


Garrett (Honeywell) Engines - Model: TFE 731-5R-1H



S/N: P91243

Time Since New: 11,059 Hours

Engine Cycles: 6,761 Cycles

Time Before Overhaul: 4,200 Hours



S/N: P91241

Time Since New: 11,799 Hours

Engine Cycles: 7,252 Cycles

Time Before Overhaul: 4,200 Hours



S/N: E955266

Total Time: 2,878 Hours



Better Full Fuel Payload than the standard 800A and 800XP

C-29A Variant (A multitude of sought-after improvements over the standard Hawker 800A, specifically requested by the United States Federal Aviation Administration) - C-29A Summary is Available Upon Request

Avionics upgrades that include TCAS-II Traffic, Flight Data Recorder, and a Mark VIII Enhanced Ground Proximity System (EGPWS)

No Known Damage History

Aviator 200 Satcom System - Wifi

Part 135 Compliant



Dual Collins GNS-XLS Flight Management Systems w/ GPS

Collins ProLine II Avionics Suite (5-Tube EFIS)

Dual Collins VIR 32 Navigation Receivers w/ FM Immunity

Dual Collins VHF-422D Communication Transceivers with 8.33 kHz spacing

Dual Collins MST-67A Transponder with Diversity

Dual Collins DME-42

Dual Collins ADF-60A

Dual Collins HF-9000 w/ SECAL

Honeywell MK VIII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)

TAWS Class A

Dual Collins APS-85 Autopilot

Dual Collins ADC-82A Air Data Systems

Collins WXR-350 Weather Radar

Honeywell CAS 81A TCAS II System (with Change 7 incorporated)

Fairchild A100 CVR

Fairchild F1000 Digital Flight Data Recorder

Honeywell LASEREF IRS System - YG1854 Advanced

D&M 406 ELT



Moving Map Flight Display

Two (2) DVD/CD/MP3 Players

One 3-Channel Wireless Transmitter

One 17-inch Low Profile LCD Monitor on Forward Bulkhead

One 20-inch Low Profile LCD Monitor

One 4x4 Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier w/ 8 Wireless Headsets

Aviator 200 Wifi



C-29A Variant Performance Enhancement Modifications

Improved Heavy Duty Dual 800 VA Inverters for AC Power (1600 VA Capacity)

Improved Heavy Duty 3-Wheel Hawker 1000 Air Cycle Machine for Increased Airflow

Pulse Lights

Automatic Power Reserve (APR)

Dome & Margolin 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter

Blue Sky C1000 Iridium Satellite Phone w/ 2 Handsets

Installed New

Second Handset is Portable

EROS Oxygen Masks



This C-29A clearly has the highest payload capability with Full Fuel for Max Range:


C-29A: 2,500 lbs (Full Fuel, 9-Passengers with a 50 lb bag each)

800A: 1,520 lbs (Full Fuel, 5-Passengers with a 50 lb bag each)

800XP: 1,800 lbs (Full Fuel, 6-Passengers with a 50 lb bag each)


At 2,500 lbs payload capacity, the C-29A owner can fill all 9 seats and load nine 220 lb adults with 500 lbs of luggage and equipment, and load full fuel for maximum range of 2,500 Nautical Miles. Neither the 800A or 800XP has this capability.


Max Ramp Weight: 28,120 lbs (Standard Hawker 800 is 27,520 lbs)

Max Takeoff Weight: 28,000 lbs (Standard Hawker 800 is 27,400 lbs)

Max Landing Weight: 23,350 lbs (Same as Standard Hawker)

Max Zero Fuel Weight: 18,000 lbs (Standard Hawker 800 is 17,520 lbs)

Empty Weight: 14,813 lbs (Typical 800A is 15,300 lbs; Typical 800XP is 15,950 lbs)



Hawker 900XR Scheme in Matterhorn White with Titanium, Jet Black and Las Vegas Gold Stripes



CUSTOM - Cockpit has high backed airline-style leather seats with sheepskin inserts. Vestibule has
baggage compartment and 850 XP style forward left galley with two Mapco’s, ice drawer, storage,
waste bin, and Staron solid surface countertop. Cabin has one-piece cabin shell and headliner
package with louvered window shades, covered in heather 2.0 light oyster (cream colored) material.
Five DeCrane 850XP style seats with drop down armrests, covered in Aeristo Garret Avion #211 (light
tan) leather. Custom three-piece rear divan covered in same leather with under seat storage. (Fire
blocked, 135 approved). Emteq LED indirect lighting throughout cabin (sink, table, overhead indirect,
and reading lights), handmade 100% wool carpet throughout (AIP Austeria Ultra Suede, chocolate
color), Dado panels covered in Aeriste Woodstar Aeronappa leather (milk chocolate color), Lav and
aft baggage refurbished to match cabin. All cabinetry is finished in Mozambique to a high build, high
gloss finish.



These specifications have been prepared by Dallas Jet international and are intended as a general guide to the aircraft. Dallas Jet International cannot, however, be liable for any inaccuracy. It is up to the purchaser to confirm details of concern by survey, inspection and/or inquiry of the seller and to ensure that the purchase contract properly reflects client’s concern and specific details upon which they may rely. Dallas Jet International always advises an independent survey to be performed on behalf of the Purchaser.




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